Can't see Administrative Options on Virtualmin

OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.4
Webmin version 2.111
Usermin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.10
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

I got a new VPS from Contabo and installed a fresh webmin with AlmaLinnux as Centos is at end of life now…
There’s a few things that are not as I had before and I need a little help please
Bear in mind I am a newbie so please go gentle…

Logging in as root…
Firstly I can’t see Administrative Options in virtualmin sever…
I’m not sure if this should be there or was it in the older versions?

Then I also can’t see the user and password in the Edit Virtual Server


Almost everything is an ‘Adminstrative Option’ in that list. :wink:

Your post is a little confusing. You say you are a newbie but seem to be missing things from an older version?

Basically what you show is correct for the current version. Webmin is packaged with Virtualmin. Is that what you wanted or did you just want Webmin?

What is it you wish to ‘Admin’? Maybe that should be the question?

I see what you mean…oops
I meant as in the menu below…
with Adminstration Options


I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Is this PRO thing? I seem to remember you can hide this stuff if you don’t have the license. Your graphic doesn’t enlarge but I think I see a symbol next to it making me think it is a locked PRO feature.


No idea … maybe… I was just checking to see if I’ve installed everything ok and saw this was missing…
However I just checked on my older server with Centos and it’s not there as well - so it probably is only availabe in the PRO version
I’m checking this out as well

This is how the pro lock shows up on mine:

it’s the same as mine… but maybe it only appears if you have bought the PRO version?? not sure about that…

I am trying to migrate from the old server to the new one and have a few issues with old websites that were running quite well with PHP version 5.6 and some on 7.2 now I can’t install the 5.6 and so am looking to give access to an IT guy to specific servers and I can’t see the passwords in Edit Virtual server either - also I can’t see the database when I log in as the owner with the password (not root)
Grrrrrrrr… teething issues…
so whilst trying to search the net of what to do - I came across many saying go to Administration Options and I noticed I don’t have that on my system and so thought to ask

Virtualmin 7.9 in December had menu changes and features were moved around. I don’t have anything to compare what moved.

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Thanks popmay ~ have changed the pics above :+1:

any ideas how i can get to see the user and password in Edit Virtual Server?
(as in the pics in my earlier posting above)
and then if I log in as the User to be able to see the databases as well?

It is not a Pro thing. (The answer to almost every “is this a Pro thing?” is “no”. There are only a handful of features that are in Pro that are not in GPL, and we’ve been trying to make it more apparent in the UI when there are differences. Virtualmin GPL has more features than most commercial control panels, and Pro has a few more features than that.)

There have been minor reorganizations of the menu. “Administrative Options” is a meaningless category title, so it changed, and things moved around a little. We don’t like changing the name of things, of course, because it causes confusion…but, having mystery meat navigation is worse. The options that were under “Administrative Options” have moved under menus with headings related to what they do. As you noted above, they are all administrative options, it’s an administrative tool!

Tell us what you’re trying to do, not what menu you expect it to be in.

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If you chose hashed passwords, you cannot see the password, because Virtualmin doesn’t know it.

Grant the user access to Manage Databases in Manage Virtual Server->Edit Owner Limits

Hi Joe
Thanks for all your help :+1:
You’re the greatest :laughing:

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