Can't receive mail from my gmail account?


I’ve set up postfix to use my ISP’s smtp server for outgoing mail and I’ve port forwarded port 22.
My server is able to send mail anywhere, and for as far as I’ve tested it it is able to receive mail from my hotmail account. It is only when I try to send a mail from my gmail account to a mailbox on my server that the mail never arrives.

I can’t seem to figure out why, maybe I’m missing something very obvious? Does it have anything to do with POP3?

Any help is appreciated!


Your previous post regarding DNS may be related to this… if the DNS records aren’t correct, email won’t work properly.

But you may also want to verify that your ISP allows incoming port 25 traffic… some ISP’s block that.

You could try testing from an external server whether you can access port 25 on your server.


Following your instructions from my previous thread I was able to fix all problems, everything is working as it should now :slight_smile: