Cant reach webshop after transfer to new IP

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version Latest
Virtualmin version Latest
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I am transferring my webshops from 1 vps to a bigger one. But after transfer and after I changed ip in the dns I get connection refused. For 2 other domains that is not shops the transfer worked perfectly. What can I have missed. As soon as I switch back to old ip it works, so it seems cloudflare propagate directly.
Can it be a htaccess file that block or something else

possibly - something to do with PHP versions

probably to do with the web app that is being used WP or one of it’s modules - back to PHP version?

Its the same php version 7.4

Ok Thanks

back to thinking

I don’t see how a connection refused could possibly be PHP related.

Take Cloudflare out of the equation until you have your new server working correctly, the figure out the proxying aspect of things.