Cant make filesystem backup to remote server

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version latest

I cant make a filesystem backup to a remote folder. All information is correct but it refuse connection. I have even disabled firewall to be sure but no luck


Can you show us how did you fill up the fields on the backup form?

I think I have managed finally. Well see tomorrow morning. Thanks

Den fre 10 juni 2022 15:24Ilia via Virtualmin Community <> skrev:

Only problem now is that I cant set ssh port. I dont use standard 22 for security reasons.

Try host:port for the host field.

Tested from beginning, doe not work. Thanks anyway

Den fre 10 juni 2022 19:05Ilia via Virtualmin Community <> skrev:

Yeah, right. I remembered we don’t support it yet unfortunately, so for now you could not use host:port for the host field. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the future.

For now you could simply put to /root/.ssh/config file the following to make it work:

  Port 2222

I have solved it for now by deny the traffic on 22 from all ip exept from the source and my office.
I tried to use ftp instead but that did not work because it said refused because no password. There is no field for password in the settings

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