Can't login to Roundcube because of Login failed error

I have followed instructions on,webmail_and_virtualmin and installed Roundcude on webmail.mydomain.tld, but can’t login with any еxisting or newly created users. It always gives Login failed or Your session is invalid or expired error.

Searching gives various recommendations like:

but none of them for virtualmin setup. For example running ‘locate roundcube’ on command line gives:


So I don’t know where to configure Roundcube via ssh. And probably shouldn’t at all.

What could be problem with Roundcube login on my CentOS 5.6 with VirtualminGPL server?

Are you able to login via Usermin on port 20000 or Outlook?

What error do you see in your mail log when attempting to login… that’s in either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log.


Yes, I am able to login with the same login to Usermin on port 20000 and manage mail there, but I would like to configure Roundcube instead.

/var/log/maillog outputs:

Sep 2 15:18:31 host dovecot: imap-login: Aborted login:, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured
Sep 2 15:20:19 host last message repeated 2 times

By the way, Virtualmin automatically creates e-mail accounts for all newly created users in this form: How can I configure it to use this form instead:

Can you share please if you’ve sort out this and how as I’m facing the same problem.


I had the same problem. I just rebooted my server and it worked… Hopefully it can for you…