Can't install. Stuck @ Installing Virtualmin 7 and all related packages

Using the following guide to install @ Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin

Is on the “Installing Virtualmin 7 and all related packages” step and progress block just keeps moving.

I assume it is network related issue but I have no idea how to test/get around this issue. Any suggestions? I’m completely stuck. Thanks for any help.

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version Lastest = installing
Virtualmin version Lastest = installing
Related packages NA

How long did you wait ? The install can take quite a long time and if it errors out the installer normally leaves a message and a small resume of what happened when it failed

Its been about 45 minutes. Still going. I installed on an identical system exactly (hardware and software) but in a different datacenter and it installed in less than 5 minutes. I don’t mind waiting of course…just figured this is way past the point of it ever finishing.

That is a while … perhaps there was a custom image laid down by your provider. Perhaps exit the process and check what has installed up to this point. I can’t remember if the installer leaves a log file, if it does check that out to see what the installer is having a problem with. If there is a log file it will be in the same directory as the installer script

What does this mean?

I’m gonna wait another 15-20 and then I’ll stop it. Is there a url that I could traceroute?

Your provider when they commisioned the vps, assuming it is a vps, may have added/removed packages from the default which may cause an issue. My provider adds tmux to their install which in fact saves me a job.I would find out where it has failed first. The installer uses apt to install the packages required and apt may have failed and is in a loop

Is it a clean Class A system? or has the different Datacentre added their own stuff.

It can take a while but 45 minutes !no way! what archaic processor is it using?

It finished…took about an hour. No log file in folder

It’s a fresh install of Debian 12. It’s my machine…datacenter is just providing internet. Worked faster in WA location, the NY was the one that took so long. Identical hardware and software at both location. I tried installing twice @ NY, both times from fresh OS install. Same thing happened both attempts but I didn’t wait for the first one to finish…only gave it 15m or so.

Both machines are beasts…dual CPU E5-2660V3 w 128gb ram

It’s debian 12 as stated in post #1 which is not A grade but seems to work fine most of the time

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So it install okay ?

Seems to be running great. I’m happy to do any tests if anyone wants to figure out what happened. I have to assume it was a network issue.

The installation time depends on the packages that are fetched from the Internet. You could have a high-performance machine for nothing if you have a low download speed. If it finished successfully then you can look in the log file located in the directory where you ran the installation file. Even if at first glance it seems to be running well, you should definitely check what happened during the installation.

There is no log file in the directory I ran the install script. I would love to figure out what happened. I just don’t know how to test connection speeds with virtualmin’s repos.

No way. There is definitely a log. /root/virtualmin-install.log

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