Can't get VM to work on sd-domain-tld:10000

Okay, I have a rather complex problem, so please follow me as I paint a picture, this is somewhat a simplification but should be a perfect parable.

I have operations spanning multiple servers and TLDs.

Let’s call them host0 and host1.
Also, for the sake of simplification, we’ll only be working with tld0.

tld0 is bound to host0. All is well. doesn’t work but I just noticed it and don’t care to explore. Because host0:10000 works in this scenario.

However, my subdomain sd-tld0-com is actually running host1.
Which makes the entire URL admin sd-tld0-com (or sd-tld0-com:10000) and that’s not being well received.


I do understand you can change this, that and the other in conf files, but I can’t seem to configure this in a way that is working due to it being a different A record tied to a complete different host.

Please, for the love of whoever is up there, help, before I throw my computer and all 3 monitors into the garbage can a la Ron Swanson.

OS type and version Kali
Webmin version Newest
Virtualmin version Newest
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You’re talking all around the problem and making it seem much more complicated than it is.

This is the only line we need.

This is classic “wrong site shows up” situation, which can be a number of things, but boils down to Apache’s VirtualHost selection heuristic being completely incomprehensible to humans.

See the section labeled “The Wrong Site Shows Up” section of our web troubleshooting FAQ.

That is not an exhaustive list of ways your VirtualHost sections can be mixed up; but the idea is always the same: Apache thinks you want to serve something other than what you actually want to serve (because Apache is deranged in this one area). It can also be IPv6 problems. If you either have IPv6 configured on your host but didn’t configure it in Apache (by way of Virtualmin) or if you have it configured wrong, it could lead to this behavior, too (for the same reasons). Apache tries to find the best name/IP/port combination to serve a VirtualHost, and again, the way it determines that is nonsensical to humans.

I see you’re on an unsupported OS, it’s also possible you’ve left behind some extra VirtualHost configuration that we remove during installation on supported OSes. You need to find it and fix it.


I hear this all the time from my wife, thank you very much for making me feel at home. <3 :smiley:

To make a correction, I am not on Kali. I apologize. My VM is Kali, which I interface with the most. I was in the middle of a few things and not thinking – the Hetzner VPS is actually Debian 11.6.

Otherwise, I have followed your instructions and have not been able to resolve it.

IP Addresses look fine, I have disabled IPv6 entirely now just to be sure, nothing is blocked.

Joe, (or anyone)
I still have not been able to resolve this…

Am I missing something in regard to needing to … idk. Verify the primary domain on the webmin instance or something?

My primary domain on separate host works perfectly fine when attempting to go to admin-host-com

However, when attempting to go to admin-subdomain-host-com, all running on entirely separate everything other than common Cloudflare, nothing works.

I don’t know. If I understand the problem (and it is possible I don’t, as you’re still talking around it a little bit, I think, in bringing up other servers, maybe?), it has to be an Apache VirtualHost configuration problem (what that doc I linked is about). We’d need to see the VirtualHost sections on the problem machine to be more helpful than just telling you to look there and fix it.

I don’t know what this means.

You’ve now mentioned Cloudflare, though, which is a whole other can of worms. Cloudflare is a proxy, and they will not proxy port 10000. You cannot expect any domain being served by Cloudflare to allow you to access Webmin on port 10000. There is no way that will work. Search the forum for Cloudflare discussions; I’m not a Cloudflare user, so I don’t have concrete advice, but solutions to all the common problems have been discussed (moving Webmin to a port that Cloudflare will proxy for is the likely right option, but excluding a Webmin administrative domain from the proxy is also a good solution).

Cloudflare only has a few open ports allowed. You will need to look that up on Cloudflare docs.

You have 2 choices:

  1. In Cloudflare dns panel I believe you can change the A record for your host from proxy to direct. (something along those lines, I think if I recall it just being a button to click next to the record)

  2. Change your webmin port to one that Cloudflare has open for proxy such as port 8443. (This option I don’t recommend if you are using fail2ban to block unauthorized logins.)

Edit to add the link for Cloudflare docs on ports:

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