Cant get my mail to receive Mail But it sends

OS type and version ubuntu
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

hi i can send mail fine but it wont receive mail i have done a check i am running multiple virtual host and tried them all all will send mail perfect not to google though , but when i send a reply from say hotmail i cant receive the inbox is empty Screenshot-2024-05-19-at-12-45-55 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB everything on virtualmin is as it was i have corrected the mx record to be recognised but still cant receive please help kind regards thanks in advance

Is this the correct IP ?

if it is I guess you do not have port 25 open

hi thank you for your kind reply how do i fix this

check that (if you are using firewalld within webmin) the the port is open, then go to your vps suppliers firewall and check that port 25 is open, you may have access to this but some vps suppliers don’t allow you to open port 25 on your own, you may have to open a support ticket with them if that is the case

and also check that you do not have an additional firewall (like UFW) installed and running Webmin uses Firewalld you don’t need UFW messing!

I thought the installer script for virtualmin removed ufw on Ubuntu systems ? To stop ufw ‘messing’ with firewalled

if it does (great! :birthday:) but it didn’t used to (c. 2022) and one of my VM suppliers used to put it on by default

just setup a vbox instance of UB 22.04 & after vmin install there is no ufw installed

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You need to look in the mail log. You haven’t told us your Ubuntu version, so I can’t tell you with certainty where that log will be. Might be /var/log/mail.log or might be in the journal (journalctl -fu postfix and then send an email and watch the log for what happens to the incoming mail).

Virtualmin installs firewalld, which conflicts with (removes) ufw. The only way you’d have ufw blocking stuff is if you go out of your way to break things.

why would I do that ? I was merely pointing out to Stegan that the current virtualmin installer removes ufw that’s all