can't get mail from just one mailbox

Hi people,
Keep getting this error - can’t seem to find a way around it:
“ERROR: in use - couldn’t sync mailbox”
It is only one of many mailboxes on this Vserver all others send/rec no trouble.


I’m having trouble as well since the upgrade to 3.54. I can’t get mail using Thunderbird/IMAP for one entire domain. There are other domains on the server working just fine. Everything was working fine ofr all domain until the upgrade on 3-16-08.

"ERROR: in use - couldn't sync mailbox"

I have no idea what this error means. I’m pretty sure this is not coming from Postfix or Dovecot. Is this from the maillog?

I can't get mail using Thunderbird/IMAP for one entire domain.

I need to see errors from the maillog or mail.log.

I can’t even begin to guess at the source of trouble without seeing the error messages.

System now allows login via IMAP for ALL domains so problem is solved. We did nothing to correct the situation. If this reoccurrs, I will forward snippets from the dovecot log.

It’s noteworthy to mention that when we were having the problem trying to access the mailbox there was no entry in the dovecot log listing the specific user so it was a mystery to me and I posted here for help. I don’t see any problems in any of the logs as of today.