Can't get email filters to work in Usermin


I recently installed Virtualmin on a fresh Centos 6 Linux box. This was a rebuild of a system that had failed.

I am able to get most things back as they were, but I am unable to add email filters to work in Usermin.

I am able to create a filter to forward mail to a second address, but when incoming mail comes, nothing happens.

In editing the rule, I first save it, then go back into it and click “Show matching email in folder” (set to inbox) and does not see any matching emails, even though they are present.

I tried mucking around with different filter settings, and even made very overbroad filters that I would not actually use, but just to try to get the “Show matching email in folder” function to work. But no dice, it does not see any email as matching.

I should add that the regular search function in Usermin mail does seem to be working.

If you have an idea on how to fix this, or have steps I can try to isolate the issue, I would appreciate it.


I’m having this exact same issue, even just creating a rule that says “contains csf in from field, move to this folder” then do a test “to see what matches” returns no matched items even though I have an email from in my inbox.

Very strange.

edit: and yes same problem, even when running manual search it isn’t finding anything within usermin

Anyone have any ideas on this? Would love to be able to setup rules within usermin?


FYI - I’ve just done my monthly server update, which included an update to webmin 1.782 - as part of this upgrade I can now confirm this issue is resolved for me at least.

Tested by searching on my mail and it found what I was searching for, whereas before it would not. Created a new mail filter rule, tested, and confirmed all working!

Thanks Team