Can't enable DNSSEC

I use Ubuntu 20.04.4 & Virtualmin Pro 7

The enabling DNSEC on a domain I get the following error:

Can’t save SPF DNS record : … generating key failed
dnssec-keygen: fatal: The -r option has been deprecated. System random data is always used.


I don’t see this issue happening on my end.

What Webmin version do you have installed? Any custom modifications/upgrades made on standard system packages?

Hello, I use the latest versions. On this moment I only see this when creating a new virtual server.

What is the output of the following command?

cat /etc/webmin/bind8/version

Try deleting this file:

rm -f /etc/webmin/bind8/version

… this must solve your issue.

cat /etc/webmin/bind8/version → 9.16

After deleting the file it seems to be solved.

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