Can't edit files with ftp

Hi guys!

I’ve got a problem with virtualmin/proftpd.
I’ve googled for a solution, without luck.

My problem is this: if I try to edit a file (for example test.php), I can’t upload it, because I’ve got this error: “open for write: permission denied” (i’m using filezilla).

I don’t know what to do, currently I’m connecting trough port 2222, and the owner of the “global” folder is owned by the user with I’m logging in.

Do you know what I’m wrong?

ftp server process (or ftp user in case of impersonation) does not have write permission on the file.

It’s not that. The FTP process becomes the user that logs in.

It’s just a permissions or ownership problem. Just make sure the logged in user has permission to write that file.

Currently , the folder where I work, is owned by my user (that I’ve created through virtualmin)

Check the ownership of files as well.

I’ve checked it.
For “Username” label, i See the “username” of my ftp .
Same for the group.

The permission for the files are set to 664 or 664.

Maybe SELinux/AppArmor is a cause?..

Honestly , I don’t know.

I’ve typed “apparmor_status” and the results is: “apparmor command not found”
I’ve typed “cat /etc/sysconfig/selinux” and the result is:
“cat: /etc/sysconfig/selinux: File o directory non esistente”.

I’m using Debian 9.