Can't Disable Virtual Server

OS type and version Debian 12
Virtualmin version 7.9.0

I migrated my servers using the Backup and Restore feature. When migrating one server an error occurred:
… a clash was detected : A unix user named xxxx already exists - try selecting a different administration username.

After that when I try to disable the server (Disable and Delete → Disable Virtual Server) I get the message “This domain does not have any features which are configured to be disabled!”. This message is written on all my servers.

Can anyone help me with advice?

I remember this happening to me. “From memory” the issue is in Postfix Mail Alais or Virtual Domains settings. I had to remove the name there that clashed.
Hopefully that help, its a while ago but I do remember the issue.

check this as well. Did you create the domain before restore?

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