Can't create SSL cert for subdomain


my subdomain should also use SSL. So i told virtualmin to use letsencrypt to create the according certs. Whereas it is not a problem with “normal” websites on that server (so to say, it says: /fullchain.pem not found.

How can i fix that?

Thanks and best


The way I was able to do it is:

Click Virtualmin Tab at the top > Select domain from drop down menu > Click ‘Edit Virtual Server’ > Virtual server settings appear; click on the ‘Enabled Features’ tab > Check the box for ‘SSL website enabled’ and then click on ‘Save Virtual Server’.

This should set up SSL for your subdomain/subserver. A self assigned SSL key and certificate will be generated so you can use it immediately but if your site is going to be used by the public etc, it would be a good idea to then get a ‘valid’ SSL certificate so that when your users visit with their browsers, the browser will recognize the certificate as verified. A ‘valid’ certificate basically means a certificate that is recognized by the browsers as a certificate that is authentic and accepted by the browsers. This kind of SSL certificate usually has to be paid for. There some good not too expensive SSL services on the web that offer recognized certificates at decent prices. If you decide to get one, you can then go into the ‘Manage SSL Certificate’ page to set it up for your domain.

The one your server generates for you is just as secure/authentic and fine but not ‘recognized’ as being a ‘accepted’ one by the browsers.

Edit: It appears you can create a valid recognized SSL certificate by using ‘Let’s Encrypt’ for your domain in the ‘Manage SSL Certificate’. :slight_smile:

I think its in the Webmin or Virtualmin core.

I have created a bug report for it.

It appears to be a path issue where its chopping off the /etc/ for whatever reason.