cant create more than 30 virtual servers

Using virtualmin 3.67 GPL. I have 30 virtual servers created but can’t add any more. It goes through the process and says done but the new virtual server is not available.

I can’t find anything that describes this limit. Am at a total loss.

Ubuntu Linux 8.10
Linux 2.6.27-7-server on i686
Virtual servers 29


As an aside, I’ll offer that Ubuntu 8.10 isn’t officially supported by the Virtualmin installer, so you could have trouble with some things (including various packages not being available to you in the Virtualmin repository, and having to setup a lot of things manually).

That said, the problem you’re having now doesn’t sound related to that.

When you say the new Virtual Server isn’t available, what does that mean? Is it show up in the drop-down list in the top-left of Virtualmin?

And are you creating the Virtual Server as a user, or as root?


briefly shows in dropdown but then disappears. installing as root.

also in Ubuntu there are log files created. these help a lot in troubleshooting. /var/log/messages to start with

checked all the logs I thought migth have something and couldn’t find any error messages that indicated a source of the problem.
/var/log/messages syslog webmin apache

Figured it out.

proftd was installed with a limit of 30 connections. So everything would actually get built by virtualmin but the server could not start. Once I reset the number of connections to exceed the number of existing domains plus a healthy margin for growth, all was well.

Thanks for your help.