Can't connect using hostname

I have installed both GPL and Professional versions of Virtualmin.
In both cases, the software installs satisfactorily, and I can configure the software as long as I use the external IP address of my VPS. If I try to connect using the FQDN (DNS is set up correctly at Namecheap), I get a Can’t connect error.
Perhaps connected to the situation where I click on the hostname in the dashboard and without making any changes to DNS, I save the config, which returns the following error
I get the same error if I try to change the DNS to public servers.
" Failed to save DNS configuration : nmcli conn modify 92cca270-f69a-4183-b514-e9285294180c ipv4.dns; failed : Error: Failed to modify connection ‘ens3’: ipv4.dns: 1. DNS server address is invalid"

Rocky Linux 9.3 REQUIRED

If you have a external DNS you can disable dns on you virtual server(s).
If you can’t connect with the FQDN then it sounds like a dns issue. Can you ping the FQDN, does it resolve to the correct address?

Thanks Stefan,
I was gonna take your advice as it did seem that the issue was DNS related, however I reinstaed the Rocky image and reinstalled Virtualmin. Before the Post-Install config, I had the same problem, but after completing it, the system decided to work :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your assistance.

If you install this devel version of Webmin, do you still get this error? I’m asking, cause I remember that we have already fixed this issue.

Apologies for the tardy reply Ilia, and thanks for taking the time to assist. I will have a look at the devel version

You don’t need to install the devel version now, as Webmin 2.111 is already out.

Yes, just got it today Ilia. Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:

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