Can't connect to port 993 for IMAP

**Operating system: Debian
**OS version: 10

Hi there, I’m facing a little issue with Dovecot, I can’t connect on my server to port 993. Firewalls strings are ok, but when I try to connect me with outlook there is no connection. I was trying to connect me with telnet, bit Putty closes the window after I connect me to port 993 with telnet.
Port 143 works pretty good, there is no issue with that one.
Someone can give me maybe a hint where I have to look?

Thanks a lot


Hello @fabi, do you see anything in the logs?

Webmin -> System -> System Logs

Thank you @Calport,

found the error. The problem was my Outlook-software. Thunderbird gave me the idea. I was setting in my Outlook Port 993 --> SSL/TLS
and the SMTP to 587 --> STARTTLS

Now its working fine :slight_smile:

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