Cant access with sudoers

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version Current (Cant see due to problem)
Virtualmin version 7.1
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TLDR: Sudo users listed in visudo cant access webmin/virtualmin interface.

Moved my systems to a new physical server, now I can’t create new master admins. I believe I caused this by using virtualmin to create an email only admin, but I can’t be sure. I can only access virtualmin (Not webmin) from an old credential before the move and cant access much of anything (No files, backup module etc).

Somehow my systems users, and virtualmins users have fallen out of sync I think. What can I do to make it honor the system admins? I honestly don’t care about privilege control beyond giving out a credential for all access. This is a production server so I have to minimize downtime.

As always. thanks in advance ! Lemme know how I borked it lol, its always my fault in the end XD

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I created anew admin account with adduser, added it to the sudoers file, restarted the server, and can not access the server with this user. I made sure to use a username that’s never been used before. :frowning:


How are you trying to access the server, through SSH or Virtualmin?

@tpnsolutions Oh thank goodness you’re here!

Virtualmin web interface via port 10000, I am able to access the panel itself. I am able to use SSH, and sudo commands via the user work. This issue persisted through a migration!


A bit confused, so you “can” access or you “cannot” access? What exactly are you having trouble accomplishing, step me through what you are doing and where the issue is happening.


Sudo users, attempting to access the web panel, can access the panel, but can not log into it.

Via a newly created sudo user:

SSH works
sudo works
Loading the web login panel works.
Logging in via the web panel doesn’t work.


What reason are you creating sudo users? Are you attempting to give “reseller” capabilities to users, if so, Virtualmin Pro would be recommended as it does this for you…

If you are simply not wanting to make use of “root” user to login to the panel, then you need to also make sure there is a “webmin” user added with “admin” permissions.

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On various forum posts this is the listed way of creating an additional master admin.

The reason is the system is a privately owned server I managed for a long time, and I am slowly leaving the company and need an equally privileged user for the owner to use / learn on as I leave.

Ill try creating a new webmin user and giving it admin.


Hey I think we are close!

I followed these instructions: How to access Virtualmin if ssh loging root with ssh RSA public private key - #10 by Ilia

And now I have a webmin admin! now I gotta figure out how to make it a virtualmin admin… but thats another matter. Thanks!


Creating a Webmin admin should give that user Virtualmin privileges.

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