Can't access Virtualmin after a router restart

My Virtualmin is working fine and smoothly. but if I restart my DSL/Router or my WAN connection went down and up. then I cant access my webmin/virtualmin. then i reboot my server manually. and its working again …

Anybody have any idea ?

Is it a static IP?


Yes. it is Static.

Hello @Joy_Paul and welcome to the community.

To solve this problem, you need to bind your Virtualmin box to the (usually Class C) IP address that the router assigns to it via DHCP.

Explanation: by default, every time it is restarted, your router will assign a random IP address to each device on your LAN, including the Virtualmin device. For Virtualmin to be accessible across router restarts, you must configure your router to keep the IP address that it assigns to Virtualmin the same, always.

This is done by reserving a specific IP address (say from the pool of available IP addresses ( to for Class C) for your Virtualmin box so that it is always this IP address that your router assigns to Virtualmin when it is restarted.

What you should do: the web interface of your router will offer you the option to reserve an IP address by associating it with the MAC address of your Virtualmin NIC (network interface card). This is accomplished by a two step process:

  1. Get MAC address from Virtualmin: the MAC address of your Virtualmin NIC can be determine from Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration: Active Now tab and click on the ethernet adapter (usually eth0). It is in the box captioned “Hardware address” - a hexadecimal number which looks like f2:3c:91:25:1d:3b.

  1. Bind IP address to MAC address: you must consult the documentation of your router to find out how to reserve an IP address va the router’s web interface. Once you have done that, go to the particular part of the web interface, select an IP address that you wish to permanently assign to Virtualmin (say and then link it to the MAC address of your Virtualmin NIC that you determined in step 1.

Reboot your router, then your Virtualmin box. Your Virtualmin box will now have a reserved IP address on your LAN and will be accessible across router restarts.

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