Can't access virtual host

I installed virtualmin on an Ubuntu 18.04 server created in the virtual box on my local network (ip:
how can I configure the virtualmin DNS so that other cpus on my local network can access through the virtual host. I can access the site preview, but when I try the virtual host appears the message “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”. My Settings:
seap.sys NS-Name Server www.ubuntu.server
seap.sys A-IPV4Address
www A-IPV4Address
localhost A-IPV4Address
seap.sys SPF v-spf1 a mx a:seap.sys ip4: ip4: 200216.161.45

Hello BrunoRS,

Try to go to machine on client side i.e your local PC and change DNS from google to The server in which you have installed virtualmin ( ->
AS first DNS server this will resolve your domain.