Can't access via Panel

Suddenly access via the panel has gone, the connection just times out in my browser.

Websites are up and running fine and I can access via SSH.

I’ve also confirmed that Webmin is up and running and that I’m not blocked by csf/lfd.

DNS/Nameservers also checked.

But can’t get any panel access…

Advice appreciated on where to look next ? Many thanks


Do you have the ability to try it from a different computer?

Some ISP’s block certain ports, and it’s possible you’re running into that problem.

Also, you may want to try accessing it by IP address, rather than by it’s DNS name, just to rule that out.

Lastly – is there any chance there’s a firewall running on your server that could be blocking requests to Virtualmin?


Traced it back to iptables in the end, some how the entry allowing port 10000 went missing which was a bit weird as it’s in my saved copy.

Anyway a rebuild of iptables got it going again… :slight_smile: