can't access forum topic - 15300

I posted a topic sometime ago on how to change the CloudMin Subdomain, but haven’t had time yet to look at the response.

This is the last response I got in my email:

Greetings SoftDux, Comment by dolphinits: I have found the

I have found the way.

Create your subdomain in your bind-server
Edit the config-file /etc/webmin/server-manager/config on your cloudmin-server Change the values for xen_zone, vserver, zone_zone to your new subdomain and restart the webmin-deamon.
Your registred (XEN-)Hostssystems have also a config-file for cloudmin. You can find the files in /etc/webmin/servers/. Here you must edit the config-file for your (XEN-)Hostsystem and change the value for xen_zone to your new subdomain.
That has worked for me.

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Yet, when I want to access this thread, I get an “Access denied You are not authorized to access this page.” error. Has this post been deleted, or locked? And why? How do I access it now?

For some reason, the owner of that thread had marked it as private. I’m not sure why, but that’s the reason you aren’t able to view it :slight_smile:


I am the owner. But I can’t access it.

It looks like another user had originally started that thread.

The comment you had posted in there was “I would like to know howto do this as well”.

Although you posted on the thread, once the thread owner marked the thread as private, you’d be unable to access posts that you previously made there.


mm, ok. I have the same issue as the original poster then (sorry, I thought I started this topic) but now I can’t access it. Who is the poster? Maybe I can ask him to open up the post again.