Cant access any port on local network except port 80

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.7

Is this a new install? Off hand it sounds like a firewall problem but you don’t provide enough information to rule out much.

You can reach other services from the outside or are you only trying from the local network? Services need to be started and configured to listen on ports and addresses. By default they usually listen on the local network.

well lets start from the start, i am trying to host my websites on my on server (VMware ESXi 5.5.0) on which i have install Ubuntu as a virtual machine, and then in Ubuntu i installed webmin and virtualmin one after another, activated the ufw and Apache2, set the virtual servers and assigned the portnumber to each virtual server, checked the port.conf and apache2.conf files and allowed all ports from ufw, all is good i have checked the internet connection too, but still only the port 80 is showing up when i search using (ip:port)no other port is working, it says

“This site can’t be reached
IP took too long to respond.”

i dont know what to do, only 80 is working, also forwarded all ports from the router

one more thing all ports are accessible on the localhost but except port 80 no other port is opening on the local network, and i mentioned above i have checked everything

OK. You may want to start over. The virtualmin install script installs webmin and configures the servers.

~# wget

~# sudo sh

i am newbie and i understand thing slowly and in easy language, if i am not getting wrong then “You may want to start over.” means i will have to install the virtualmin again after uninstalling it

if this is what you are asking me to do then i am afraid that it will not work because i am facing this issue from last 5 days and i have even uninstalled the virtual machine installed ubuntu, webmin and virtualmin again, in short i went through the whole process two time but the issue remained there,

OK. This may be a language problem. The auto installer installs webmin AND virtualmin. You do not install these separately.

If you used the automated installer everything should be good and you will need to check your firewall.

ok i get it now please let try method that you suggested me , BTW i have three godaddy domain that i am going to use in the virtual servers

While installing Virtualmin using the recommended method is the right thing to do for a variety of reasons, this sounds like a problem with OPs virtual machine environment configuration. Most VM tools require you to configure port forwarding or open the ports on a virtual local IP address to make various ports to the virtual machines available.

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