Cannot update from 3.89.gpl GPL to 3.91.gpl GPL

I have one system which updated easily from 3.89.gpl GPL to 3.90.gpl GPL and now to 3.91.gpl GPL but the second server seems stuck on 3.89.gpl GPL and will not update? Is there a way to force an update. I have tried just about everything.


How did you perform your installation initially, did you use the script?

And what distro/version are you using?


Also, what does “stuck” mean? What problem exactly are you seeing? Did you try to manually update? Is auto-update not being triggered?

Both systems were installed with the script and both are on Ubuntu 10.04.3, but the 3.89.gpl GPL one will not auto-updtae, and after trying a number of manual efforts here, no change. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I was able to get the first system to update to 3.90 and it auto-updated to 3.91 when the update was available.

The decision whether to auto-update is something that is made during Ubuntu setup, or through subsequent installation of the package “unattended-upgrades”. Virtualmin has no influence on that.

So, how are you doing the auto-update? Using Ubuntu’s “unattended-upgrades” package? Did you configure it during setup, to fetch only security updates, or all updates?

You might want to check the files in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d, especially 10periodic, 20auto-upgrades and 50unattended-upgrades, if those exist. You can post their contents here if applicable, in [code][/code] tags.

I do not have any of those files, only these:
01autoremove 01ubuntu 05aptitude 70debconf

Again, both systems were identically configured, but one has stayed at 3.89 while the other updated to 3.91 once the updates appeared and were selected in the ‘Package updates’ link on the main page of virtualmin. The 3.89 one sees no new updates for virtualmin, but sees all other updates as being available.