Cannot setup to show quotas

I have webmin 1.480, usermin1.410, Virtualmin 3.69 set up and working on freebsd 6.3, except one thing:

Virtualmin doesn’t show quotas correctly for domains. it shows that quotas are filled 0 bytes, even though in Edit Virtual Server -> Quotas and limits it shows:
Home disk space used (including sub-servers) 0 bytes (40.26 MB by server administrator, 0 bytes by mail / FTP users)

I put all users in one group- webusers, - maybe that is the problem? When creating the group automaticaly, the quota shows correctly.

One more problem- The user can’t see his quota in “System Information”. It shows Disk quota and usage 0 bytes of 0 bytes all the time.

Any movements with the groups doesn’t change a thing. Administrative user all the time sees “0 bytes of 0 bytes”.
In Disk Quotas module the quotas are shown correctly.

Could there be any suggestions how to fix this?

Does it help to go into Limits and Validation -> Check Disk Quotas, and to do a new check for both Users and Groups?

Have done this many times. It doesnt help.

The top of the picture is from System information, and below the blue line from Disk quaotas.