Cannot schedule the 2nd backup for virtual servers

Hi all,
I have a small problem of scheduling the second backup for my web server in Virtualmin.
The thing is when I click “Scheduled backup” on virtualmin it just directly going to previous scheduled backup. There is no option to “Add a new backup”. The version is 3.201

I got a another server with Version 3.60.gpl which has that option.
Is that version problem or do I have to enable something on webmin?



Version 3.201? And 3.60? You absolutely get the award for oldest installations I’ve ever run across :slight_smile:

3.201 is over 3 years old (I’m not sure how old exactly, as it’s not even in the historical archives anymore).

So while I’m not quite sure which features were available in 3.201, that’s almost certainly the problem you’re seeing :wink:

While we do generally recommend running the most recent versions, I’d at the very least suggest keeping an eye out for security updates that become available. For example, there were some security related fixes that went into 3.70 a few weeks ago.

There’s a list of security updates here:

Have a good one!


Thank you for the reply.
Is it possible to upgarde Version 3.201 to 3.70? Is there a good guide line to do that?
the 02 server are live web server. Don’t want to create any problems.
Im kind of newbi to webmin.


Hi Milindra,

Well, that’s a tricky question :slight_smile:

Upgrades, in general, are pretty safe.

And if something doesn’t happen to work, you can file a bug report and we’ll help out.

However, that’s when we’re talking about small jumps from one release to the next :slight_smile:

Going from 3.201 to the most recent 3.71 could certainly have some trouble since it’s a pretty decent leap.

Also, I’d recommend upgrading Webmin first, as it’s likely some features were added into it for Virtualmin.

The best suggestion I could offer, would be to try it out in a test environment first.

Can you setup these same Webmin/Virtualmin versions elsewhere, maybe even in VMware on your desktop, and attempt the upgrade there before altering your production environment?


Hi Eric,

It looks like not easy as you saying.
I think its a old server & some point we might move to a new server. So Im going to keep that as it is.

What about for the other server? Is it easy to upgrade 3.60 to 3.71?
Any help (guide line) on that?

Appreciate the help

Hmm… well, 3.60 is about a year old. That’s much newer than the other one, but that’s still a bit of a jump.

How had you installed that – do you recall if you used the script to perform the installation?

As for as the other one goes – when you do go to move to a new server, you can use the backups of your Virtual Servers and simply perform a restore onto the newer server.

When you do the initial setup of the OS on your new server, I’d highly recommend using the script to get things working – it’ll handle installing Virtualmin and all it’s dependencies – including Apache, Postfix, SpamAssassin, and so forth.