Cannot replace MySQL Server with Percona Server

By default Virtualmin install script is using MySQL server/client versions. If I would like to use Percona Server which is a little better for InnoDB I have the option to edit this script replacing mysql-server and mysql-client with percona-server-server-5.6 and percona-server-client-5.6. It needs to add the repository and the key to install them.

Let’s say I was not able to use this trick from the very beginning. I Re-Run Install Wizard to disable MySQL support in my Virtualmin configuration. When installing Percona knows to replace MySQL, but in this case it cannot do it.

If someone could replace MySQL Server/Client with MariaDB or Percoana please give me some tips.

Thank you.

MariaDB requires nothing special…it Just Works on systems that provide MariaDB instead of MySQL (so, CentOS/RHEL 7 already use MariaDB, by default).

You can alter paths easily in the MySQL module to point to the percona paths, though MySQL is a dependency in virtualmin-base packages for RPM-based systems, and so would be somewhat difficult to remove (you’d need to either remove the virtualmin-base package manually, or use the nodeps option to remove MySQL). Do the Percona packages not install on a system that already has MySQL? It seems like they could easily give their binaries different paths or filenames which would make it possible to install on a system that already has MySQL.

Webmin (and thus Virtualmin) doesn’t require you to use the default version of MySQL…it will happily use any MySQL-compatible database for the apps and such that need MySQL (and Virtualmin does not store any of its data in a MySQL database, so has no ties to MySQL in that regard).

In short, you shouldn’t disable MySQL support…you should instead tell Virtualmin where your new MySQL (Percona) is located. You can do that in the Module Config of the MySQL module (in Webmin:Servers:MySQL, then click the “Module Config” link in the top left corner).

Thank you Joe for your reply.

I am using Debian 7.7 and it is hard to replace mysql-server and mysql-client with percona’s packages. I tried to remove mysql-server and client, plus common, using remove, but virtualmin-base depends on this. Always I am forced to put back this stuff with apt-get -f install. The only way in my opinion is altering

I found this replacement working great if I install webmin and virtualmin from deb’s. I was able to uninstall mysql and use percona. But there is no chance if I am using to replace mysql with percona after. Just because virtualmin-base needs those initial packages.