Cannot recive emails, but i can send

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04.2
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages recive emails

I just post this message because i used in the past virtualmin and now i started again to use it. I have primary domain witch i make it the default virtual server when i installed the virtualmin. Yestarday i just installed virtualmin with subdomain and with my dynamic dns. write now its installed on : , yestarday was installed and two days ago Seems the problem persist on all subdomain , main domain etc. I cannot recive emails from nobody i get unknown user: "test"message when i try to send from gmail. I can send emails to everyone but i cannot recive it at all. Where i`m rong ? In the past this thing work like a charm. Also yestarday i get this message : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table.
Its a general problem or its a misconfiguration problem from my side ?
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Can you post a picture of your virtual domains from the postfix section?


After sending a message to an account on your system, open the command line and run:

grep -i '' /var/log/mail.log | tail -n1

If an error returns send us a screenshot or tell us what it says.


its a clean install on ubuntu 22.04…should have this behavior on a clean install? in the past this service worked like a charm. i didnt use virtualmin since 2020.

I don’t see edy in the virtual alias list?


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. At least postfix is rejecting for a legit reason.

Give me a moment to get to my computer and I’ll send you further diagnostic info as this issue seems to be happening to a few others, though I don’t want to jump to conclusions that it’s an identical issue as there are a few variants.


Navigate to:

Scroll down the page, and look for:

Is the setting presently, “Yes” or “No”?

its set to no

i put it to yes same thing


That was only the first part of the diagnosis… I needed to know that value before I could provide more… Patience :slight_smile:

So, yeah you’re facing a common issue whereby there is a bug that affects your copy of Virtualmin.

I’m going to “assume” for a moment that you didn’t adjust any settings during install, which means email “usernames” are in the format of:


The bug which affects this is a result of the @ symbol NOT being escaped, which causes Postfix to not be able to map the “virtual alias” to the correct user in the system, therefore causing the “User unknown in virtual aliases” error.


How many domains are you presently hosting, and how many users have you setup?

Are you in a position to “remove” all email accounts without losing email?

i have one domain and one email address doesent metter if i delete it or no. i install virtualmin on my vps with a clean domain witch i dont use it. i install to test everything to see if works and then ports other domains.


Since you’ve adjusted the setting:

and have set it to “Yes”.

  1. Go ahead and “delete” your domain, then re-add it.
  2. Re-create your email address(es)
  3. Test it out

This time, because of the adjustment, the delivery should work fine.

*** report back when you’ve completed the above ***

same problem Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table. i create another address and seems doesent working


Are you open to a quick “screen sharing” session? I want to make sure you’ve got things setup correctly.

If so, I’ll send you a “private message”

i figure it out. its working. when i created mailboxes because i get login error on roundcube i unchecked **[Primary email address enabled]. i deleted the email address and i check that and its working now, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: . they should set Create extra Unix user on Postfix systems when using user@domain format by default with yes. Again thanks a lot for your help and your time . Seems its working good now.


It used to be on by default, however a recent code change made it possible for many distros to NOT require the second user.

However, due to a bug the intended functionality was “broke”. It’s been patched, and is either in the current version or coming in an upcoming version. Though the problem is the patch only addresses “newly” created users, so you’d be stuck fixing “old” users that were created prior to the fix.

So yeah, the reason it’s disabled by default now, is it shouldn’t be needed anymore.

I’ve been helping a few people lately get their systems fixed as a result of this nasty bug, and for folks like you am just recommending “for the moment” to go back to the tried, tested, and true method.

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