Cannot receive email, can only send

I cant receive email I do not know why. I tried port 20000 (usermin email), squrrilmail, and roundcube.

Please help

What happens when someone tries to send an email to your server? Do they receive a bounce message of some kind?

Also, do any errors show up in your mail logs, located in either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log?


Hi, I am really sorry for the late reply.

If somebody sense an email to me, they do not get any bounce back.

When I send out email, it gets there instantly.

I have attached my maillog file.

Please help, I need to use my email for my site, its important


Well, that’s several days worth of logs… could you share which logs show up immediately after sending a test message to your account?

That would help us see what’s going on.



I attached a really small log

I noticed, if I sent from my server email to my hotmail, it gets there within 1 second.

If I send from my hotmail, to my server email, I do not see in in my server email inbox :frowning:


Okay, that smaller log helps.

Actually, what I was able to notice was that it doesn’t look like Hotmail is even communicating with your server.

Is port 25 open on your server? And does your provider allow incoming connections to port 25?

One thing you may want to try is restarting Postfix, and then reviewing the logs to see if any errors appear there. You can restart Postfix with “/etc/init.d/postfix restart”.


I just got this bounce back 1 day after I try to send out email to my site server

Delivery Status Notification (Delay)‏

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.

–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Subject: NewTest
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 20:49:37 -0300

I will check my port 25 and I will restart postfix :slight_smile: and report back here

I restarted postfix, I got this in my log:

May 11 12:38:45 fairytailhq postfix/postfix-script[6877]: stopping the Postfix mail system
May 11 12:38:45 fairytailhq postfix/master[25577]: terminating on signal 15
May 11 12:38:46 fairytailhq postfix/postfix-script[6952]: starting the Postfix mail system
May 11 12:38:46 fairytailhq postfix/master[6953]: daemon started – version 2.6.6, configuration /etc/postfix

I will now check with my server to make sure port 25 is open.

I checked my server email right now, and I got all the test email I sent out yesterday!? So apprently there is a 24-48 hour delay and then the user who sends out an email to my server email gets a bounce back even though I did get the email in my server inbox 24-48 hours later… this is confusing.

I got a reply from my server provider

ou can download tools for it on the internet, we never close ports all ports
are always open from our side.

Have a nice day!

now what? plz help.

When I checked earlier, Postfix wasn’t responding on your server.

It seems to be working now, I get the Postfix banner when connecting to port 25 on your server.

Are things working for you now?

If you send a new message to your server, is it available to you right away?


Working now! I see it within 30seconds :slight_smile:

How do you check if my port 25 is working with postfix? what tool do u use?

I just configured my Outlook and my iPhone, it seems I can see all email coming into my Outlook and my iPhone. But when I try to send out, I get this

In Outlook

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

  Subject:	test
  Sent:	11/05/2012 10:23 AM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

  '' on 11/05/2012 10:23 AM
        Server error: '554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied'

In my iPhone

'A copy of has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient “” was rejected becuase it does not allow relaying

Here are my settings


Account Type: IMAP
Email: (my email)
Incoming Mail Server: (my ip)
Outgoing Mail Server: (my ip)
Username: (my username)
Password: (my password)
Incoming server (IMAP): 143
Encryption: auto
Outgoing server (SMTP): 25
encryption: auto

My iphone:

Account Type: IMAP
Email: (my email)
Incoming Mail Server: (my ip)
Outgoing Mail Server: (my ip)
Username: (my username)
Password: (my password)
Authentecation: Password
Server Port: 993

I typed “telnet YOUR_DOMAIN 25” in order to test in port 25 was working.


As far as the errors you see in Outlook and your iPhone – those are because they haven’t been setup to authenticate when sending an outgoing email.

If you set them to authenticate for Outgoing SMTP, those should work properly.


How do I do that?

I also get this cerfitcate error as well, what the hell is lol?

You’ll receive some sort of certificate warning error unless you’ve purchased a commercial SSL cert.

As far as how to setup outgoing smtp authentication – that differs for every mail client you might use, but it just involves going into the settings and finding the option for authenticating when an email is sent.


So if I purchae a SSL certifacite, I can send email throgh Outlook and my iPhone?

This is my maillog once I send out using Outlook

Can somebody please help me? I need to be able to send via Outlook and iPhone

You do not need to purchase an SSL cert in order to send email. Purchasing the cert merely allows you to do so without an SSL certificate warning.