Cannot login to phpmyadmin

OS type and version Centos 7.9
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 1.834
Related packages SUGGESTED

HI, when I try to login to phpmyadmin on one of my domains, I get a strange error message

Any idea why that is and how to fix this?


Hi @skywalker89 ,

I had this error once, about a year ago.
It was solved for me by logging in through an incognito window.

I think you already have an SSL certificate installed on this subdomain?

Hi @fabi thank you!

Yes, use SSL on site, but same experience using incognito browser window :frowning:

Try a different browser. Are you getting the same issue.


Hi there,

@skywalker89 It might indeed work with a different browser. Just try it out.

If not, can you give me more details about your system? Are you using Apache or NGINX?

On which PHP version are you on at the moment?

I’ll try to reproduce the error on my test system since I want to change from the Virtualmin MySQL Management tool to Phpmyadmin as well on all my servers.

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