cannot log in to virtual min on VPS

hi there
i have just installed virtualmin through the script
the problem is it never gave me a username/password to login to the panel, and i cant seem to find it on the website. can anyone shed any light on this for me? is there a default user n pass?



Howdy threashman,

try this,

user: root

password: #root-password#


There is no default password. That would be very dangerous. :wink:

The default on most operating systems is user root, and whatever the normal system root password is.

On some systems (Ubuntu, specifically, though in a server context), the first user you create is the primary account, and it automatically gets sudo privileges, and that’s the user that Webmin uses for its administrative user. The password is generally the same one you’d use to login via ssh (it’s this by default, but Webmin can be configured to use a separate password database for some or all users).