cannot load the virtualmin login page

Hello everyone,
I am now using conoha VPS, and setup the website a year ago. When I want to change setting today, I found that I cannot access my virtualmin login page, but my website is running normal, and the VPS is still normal…I do not know where made this happen, can anyone help me to solve it?

Can you login with ssh? Is port 10000 open in your firewall?

Hi noisemarine,

Sorry for late reply. I have to sorry again that I don’t know what is 「login with ssh」, I just know I can login after install…until few days ago.
Sorry again and again if I have any words may cause you unhappy…=(

or maybe I have to reinstall the virtualmin? but I afraid lost all data…=(
Really newbie…

Sorry for pushing the post, but I need a solution to solve my problem…could anyone help me to fix it =(?

thanks again for the great help.

There is some chance your firewall is blocking the access. I didnt get if you can login using SSH or not so here are few option that you have:

  1. Access your server by using SSH (e.g. Putty) and check if Virtualmin is running:

    1.a Virtualmin is running - Restart virtualmin and try again.

    1.b Virtualmin isnt running - Try to (re)start Virtualmin and if you cant then you found your problem - Virtualmin for some reason doesnt work.
  2. You cant access your server with SSH, e.g. doesnt want to connect:

    2.a Use console from your VPS control panel (e.g. SolusVM) and disable your firewal (works similar to Putty/SSH).

    2.b Ask your hosting company to disable your firewall - if unmanaged service they could charge you for this.

Doing this at least you will check if Virtualmin is even running and if FW is blocking the access, two common things that could be a reason for your problem.


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