Cannot find secondary ip addresses in Edit Virtual Server option

So, after migrating from one CentOS & Virtualmin server to another, I am having a problem with additional IP addresses.

Our new server has one main IP address and about 10 secondary ones. I can see them all via the Webmin - Networking - Network Configuration - Network Interfaces page and the details seem correct.

But, when I go into the Virtualmin - Server Configuration - Change IP Address page, the secondary ip addresses do not appear in the New IPv4 Address - Shared Address dropdown box on the new server, whereas they did appear there on the old server.

I’ve tried searching here and on Google for help articles but not found any that help directly and the steps in seemingly related articles did not help either. Either that or I did not understand them.

Can anyone point me to articles that help set this up - or advise me of the steps (or what I might have missed or not done).

Thanks in advance.


You can add those manually on Addresses and Networking > Shared IP Addresses page.

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