Cannot create redirects to port 10000

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
![redirects 690x112](upload://rxAEhwV4QDRCQ341b0nsXPnw16z.png)

| Virtualmin version | 7.10.0 Pro |

edited okay in server templates → default template

/cpanel → to path https://${DOM}:10000

but migrating site it doesn’t create this (brand new server it worked).

the problem is trying to create a redirect like in web configuration → website redirects

/cpanel → fails with

Failed to save redirect : Missing or invalid source URL path

tooltip says error is in save_redirect.cgi line 37


Try this in your template

that will add this

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we’re not redirecting a subdomain - we’re redirecting a url, like

Right, I was thinking you wanted to

yeah we’re trying to keep it a simple transition for our current customers.

I found this works

SSLProxyEngine on
ProxyPass /cpanel
ProxyPassReverse /cpanel

just add it to your template using the ${DOM} instead

copilot gave me the idea :slight_smile:

found an even easier route --at the end of that config file

Redirect /cpanel https://domainname:10000

(again, this is only for transferred domains that it isn’t working)

Ok, got that to work, does it work in template though?

I was able in template, I’m sure it failed last time I tried

Created domain.

Adding website redirects …

Create redirect from /cpanel to ..
.. redirect created

… done

yeah, the template way worked on creating a fresh site, just not on migrating one

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