Cannot create MySQL database in end user panel

Hi there,

I’ve read many postings about other users having the same problems, but I cannot seem to get the “create database” button/link in the virtualmin end user inteface (version 3.44.gpl) despite having changed the global default server template and the “Server Owner Limits” (see attached screenshot). I can only edit the MySQL database that has been automatically added by Virtualmin.

Any pointers as to what I might be missing would be very much appreciated.

Cheers, Nick <br><br>Post edited by: nick108, at: 2007/08/08 21:27

I just went to the Webmin (Servers -> MySQL Database Server -> Global Options -> User Permissions) and saw that the MySQL user created by Virtualmin has no permissions.

Is there any way to check user and database permissions on the database level to see if there could be a problem that prevents the Virtualmin end user from being able to create new databases?