Cannot connect via FTPS, SFTP or FTP

  • Virtualmin 6.08 (GPL)
  • CentOS 7.7
  • Webmin 1.941

I’ve set up a new GPL installation of Virtualmin. As far as I can tell pretty much everything is much the same as on my Pro installation, but when I try to connect via FTPS, SFTP (my preference) or even plain FTP I get some variation of “login incorrect” or “authentication failed”. I changed the password to something very simple (and copied and pasted) at Virtualmin -> DOMAIN -> Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable settings -> Administration password, but the same happens. I cannot change the password of the user at Virtualmin -> DOMAIN -> Edit Users -> USER.

The logs in /var/log/proftpd are not of any help (they too say “Incorrect password” or “Failed password”), and I don’t believe ProFTPd would even be involved in an SFTP connection.

Any suggestions here? Thanks.


UPDATE: OK, this isn’t really an update since I haven’t posted this yet, but I got SFTP to work by adding the user to the “AllowUsers” directive in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Looking at my Pro server I didn’t add that directive there, but that was an oversight on my part so I assume I’d have had the same problem there.

So the question for the Virtualmin gurus now is this: Configuring the “AllowUsers” directive is obviously a good idea from a security standpoint, so why does Virtualmin not take this into consideration for SFTP users? Or am I missing something?

Thanks again.