Cannot connect to Database

hello everyone !!
I cannot access to database after changing root in phpmyadmin

If you change the root password then Virtualmin loses the ability to manage databases, naturally.

This is easy to fix in Virtualmin. Run the Post-install Wizard and manualy specify the new root password at the appropriate step of the Wizard, keeping all other settings intact.

While you can change it in the wizard, you can also go right to the config option that the wizard configures (without needing to go through the rest of the wizard). It’s the first two options in Webmin->Servers->MySQL/Mariadb Database Server module configuration (top left corner gear icon).

Okay Thank you

what to do first the update of packages or “reboot now”?

Reboot first.

If I do rebbot , nothing will damage my website ? or it is a soft reboot

Doesn’t matter, but if you reboot first and then update packages and the update includes another kernel upgrade, you’ll need to reboot again to apply those changes.

I want to be clear that this is not a Virtualmin thing. Nothing in Virtualmin/Webmin needs a reboot, ever. This message is telling you that the system has had a kernel upgrade since the last reboot (if you were running a desktop GUI, it would also likely notify you of a need to reboot to apply system updates). You can do whatever you want…but, from a security perspective, it’s best to run the latest available packages from your system vendor.


so If I understand you , I need to update the packages without making any reboot like ignore this alert with “reboot now” ? Please correct me If I’m wrong

Don’t make it a big deal. It is a notification that your currently running kernel is older than the latest one installed. That’s it.

Reboot when it’s convenient to reboot. Update packages when it is convenient to update packages (but if there are security updates outstanding, maybe prioritize getting those installed immediately, for obvious reasons).

Also, don’t change the subject within a topic. Open new topics for new questions. This is completely unrelated to the original subject of this thread.

oh yeah my bad :open_mouth:, I didn’t realise it sorry for this happening

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Okay Understood Thank you @Joe

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