Cannot connect Thunderbird to email account

OS type and version Centos 7.9
Virtualmin version latest

Hi, I often have huge issues connecting to the email accounts… Thunderbird finds the config file, but then alerts “unable to log in at server” and asks me to check UN and PW, but both are correct

Any idea what the issue could be here?


POP or IMAP? I use POP and port 110.


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thunderbird usually write only username
email (without domain)
check please and if necessary write

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Can you publish a screenshot of the final page of wizard… It’s the one that shows the protocols, authentication and such for IMAP/POP and SMTP.

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If you have had too many unsuccessful login attempts Fail2ban might have put you in jail…
Go to Webmin Networking Fail2ban and check to make sure your IP is not blacklisted.

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HI, thank you to you all!!! It was a NS issue in this case…

false alarm

Thank you so much!

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