Cannot cancel paid Pro account + No help from the Virtualmin team. Why so?


I am paying customer and have tried contacting multiple times the virtualmin team via email writing to and to regarding my will to cancel my subscription - This is something that seems not to be possible in my account tab. I love virtualmin and I wanted to support the project somehow, it’s just that the pro package didn’t fit my need , I am using virtualmin for managing family websites.

Now, I didn’t get any answer for over two weeks so in order to prevent an additional automatic billing of my credit card, I had to cancel that same card at my bank.

That’s a very unpleasant situation.

I would appreciate some kind of feedback.

Best, Marc


Sorry for the trouble you had getting in contact with us.

The best way to get in touch with us is using the support tracker though. We’re on here throughout the day helping folks with any and all issues that are brought up.

I’ve marked your subscription as cancelled.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know!


And, I’ve refunded your prior payments (two months for a total of $12). We’ve been a bit overwhelmed with email lately, so as Eric notes, the ticket tracker is definitely a faster way to get a reply. I’m trying to figure out some ways to improve our responsiveness on emails (and figure out some ways to not lose track of emails that come in…I thought I’d handled your cancellation, but it was someone else with a similar name). In the meantime, I’ll begin updating the website to indicate opening a ticket is the fastest way to get a reply for any issue. Tickets can’t get misplaced as easily as email.

Thank you. I kinda assumed that my request somehow got misplaced, that stuff happens at our company too. It’s just terribly irritating when over 2 weeks and multiple emails sent, all you get is a dead silence, although tickets and forum are being highly active. But now I know, I’ll open a ticket next time.

And thanks for the refund, but I really meant to support you guys in paying a monthly subscription without actually using it. I am bit afraid to do that again though. Keep up the great work though, Marc