Cannot assign new dedicated IP to existing virtual server

My VPS has 1 IP that is shared by all of my existing virtual servers.

A while ago I got another dedicated IP, which automatically added to my webmin (yes, as soon as I got the dedicated IP from my vps provider, I checked webmin -> networking -> network configuration -> network interfaces it was there already)

I tried to assign this new dedicated ip to one of my virtual servers by using “change ip address”, I set “new ipv4 address” to use dedicated address, add the ip address, external ip address to the new ip address as well.

If i leave the “already active” unchecked, when I click on change now I’ll get the error message saying: “Failed to change IP address : The virtual interface IP address is already in use”

If I checked the “already active” checkbox and click on change now, it does allow me to change to the dedicated ip address, but the problem is, the virtual server will be pointing to /home/myhostname, instead of /home/domainname

After that did you restart networking? Did you add the ip on virtualmin > server template > edit Virtual address? If not do that and then save. It should work usually.