cannot access phpmyadmin on automatically generated alias url (domain A record hasnt yet been forwarded to my server ip address)

There is mismatch between HTTPS indicated on the server and client. This can lead to non working phpMyAdmin or a security risk. Please fix your server configuration to indicate HTTPS properly.

The server is using a self signed ssl certificate, however, the virtualmin virtual server that i setup after migrating from cpanel is not. (The original cpanel account was http)

So phpmyadmin url is (note “https” in first part and “http” in second part) ip address/http://migrated domain

should this be an issue?
What is meant by the first error above?

mysqli_real_connect(): (HY000/1698): Access denied for user 'rapidhab '@‘localhost’

this second error is a bit of a problem…i have checked in virtualmin and copied and pasted the exact database username and password shown after running the phpmyadmin install script (it lists the install details including username and password).

i havent sorted the https and http alias issue…however, i have now managed to login to phpmyadmin on the domains own http url (now the domain A record has been pointed at my server)

it turns out that there are two usernames and passwords…
virtualmin had generated one
migrated wordpress website/full cpanel backup had a different one

not sure how this happened but obviously in the migration process i made a mistake. I think from memory Virtualmin was not able to detect those details in the original ftp migration process. Clearly i have then enterred the wrong ones when i manually copied them across.