Cannot access


I ws following some google links. and I found I cannot access because the SSL certificate has expired and it has HSTS enabled.


Where did you find a link to Docs are at Documentation | Virtualmin — Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

just googling binging, there are still quite a few links to it.

I appreciate that the info is probably out of date :smile:

This is a “memory of the Internet” :rofl:. All is in on web. The problem is, it’s there forever.

I don’t think it was ever anything other than a development site. So, I’m baffled that it’s above the actual documentation. I guess I need to take it down or put it behind authentication.

I would turn it off so it gets delisted from Google and bing., and one less thing to look after.

May have been updated, try again. Found this

I’ve mostly fixed this now. was never supposed to have been indexed, and we’ve never linked it anywhere, but it was also where the old Webmin wiki was hosted, and so there was some messiness with regard to redirects. The redirect to the new docs broke Let’s Encrypt renewals, first, but also the redirects that were supposed to be telling the world the wiki was gone and docs had moved to new locations were broken.

Most of it has been fixed. Most URLs on that domain or the old wiki domain ( now get redirected to the right place in Hopefully search engines will forget about it once they see all the “moved permanently” redirects and will link to the current sources instead.

Short answer is “don’t access because there are newer, better, docs at Documentation | Webmin”. (To be clear, there were never Virtualmin docs at that location.)

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