Can you host a website for the same TLD as the system hostname and keep access to the control panel?

Hello everyone. I am using Virtualmin 6.06-2 with Webmin 1.910 on a host running Ubuntu 18.04. I’d like to host a website for the same TLD as my system hostname. So if my system hostname was, I’d like to host a website for or Every attempt I’ve had with this so far has made it impossible to connect to the Virtualmin or Webmin control panel on port 10000.

Is there a way to set this up so I can still access the control panel?

IF you’re using a “subdomain” as vm.example.tld for host and website example.tld.
https://vm.example.tld:10000 should work else config / settings / network or dns are not 100% ( realy hostname ns1… for use as nameserver ? i don’t know if this is possible, if so you have to take care of dns 100%)

ON which platform / Hosting are you.

( Maybe it takes some time to resolve the dns settings on the web ) dns cache …

I think the problem I am having may be that I was not entering the https:// part first. I was expecting it to automatically redirect. I’ll set this back up and try again, then post back here. Thanks for the information Jfro