Can we add lightspeed webserver to webmin/virtualmin?

Why is lightspeed open source version not included/or optional in virtualmin?

From my recent reading it appears to be a far better choice than nginx (which is included in virtualmin) and published test stats say its significantly faster than apache. Quite a number of large web hosts are using it…especially for wordpress hosting with the “apparently new” wp cache technology lightspeed have developed to integrate with the server.

Having Virtual min configured to use Litespeed and the LScache plugin for Wordpress would be an asset to the services offered by virtualmin, especially with cPanel potentially hiking prices.

There is open source version of Litespeed called open litespeed.

After reading a 2016 comment, it looks like virtualmin went with nginx and didn’t work on additional api’s/modules for alternative webservers, now litespeed is improving load times and server rate limiting, and virtualmin is no where in sight.

I don’t actually believe litespeed is always faster than nginx…or uses less resources.

The main consideration is htaccess…nginx ignores It, litespeed uses it. That is a significant determining factor I think.

Nginx doggedly stick to their belief that htaccess slows things down.

i would like to ask the same. Ability to use Open Litespeed will be a great addition to Virtualmin.

We don’t currently have the resources to devote to adding support for other web servers. It’s a large amount of development (and nginx support still isn’t even complete…though I think Webmin 1.940 adds the nginx module, so it’s finally becoming a first class citizen with full UI support after something like eight years).

Of course, it’s Open Source, and we have pretty good module development docs for both Webmin and Virtualmin (ideally a new webserver would first get a Webmin module that provides a UI similar to the Apache module, and then a Virtualmin plugin that interacts with the lib for that Webmin module…but nginx support went the opposite direction, where it got simple Virtualmin support first and then a few years later got a proper Webmin module), so anyone who has the need and the skills can make it happen! :wink:

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Hello Joe,

So this means that it is not a feature planned to be implemented in Webmin / Virtualmin anywhere in the near future, right?

Correct. It is not planned. Unless it were sponsored development, or someone else did the work, it will not happen in the foreseeable future.

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