Can Virtualmin roll back package updates?

I’d love to keep our server up to date but I’m reluctant to run the virtualmin package updater on our production server in case it breaks something. Is there a way to roll back updates if they go bad or some other solution for getting the latest patches and updates onto a production box?


Virtualmin is just using the package manager to perform package updates (ie, yum/apt), it’s not using anything unusual in that regard.

However, it’s certainly always good to be cautious when applying new updates.

Having a system image or other backup from before the updates is good.

I don’t personally have experience using any sort of rollback feature within the package manager, though you could always look up the information on yum/apt to see if it contains a feature like what you’re after.

I personally just keep recent backups of /etc, and I test the updates on a test server before applying them to the live server. I do keep daily snapshots of most servers, though I don’t make a new snapshot immediately before applying an update.