Can virtualmin manage master dns on a different physical machine?

Server A - host of domain1
Server B- ns1.domain2
Server C- ns2.domain2

3 separate physical servers, Server A has virutalmin pro and is to be host for domain1, server B and C are running virtualmin(B)/webmin(C)-- can virtualmin manage bind/dns for the domain with the master server being not on A but B or C instead?

I believe it just got that capability in 7.7, but I may be wrong. Sounds like it from the release notes: Virtualmin virtual-server module version 7.7 released

Cloudmin Connect (and Cloudmin Pro) can definitely do it, but both of those are commercial (and I’m not even sure we have Cloudmin Connect available separately in the shop, anymore).

Ahh, I missed that, awesome thank you!

Follow up question;

ns1 and ns2 currently both host master zones rather than one being master and one slave, is it (or could it be made) possible to have virtualmin/webmin setup to host dns zones on both like that?