Can Virtualmin create BIND records for a new virtual domain on a different Server?

I have one server (Server A) running Webmin/Virtualmin which is responsible for setting up Virtual Domains, serving content for these domains, providing email, etc. It is additionally a secondary/slave DNS server for these same domains, but is not the primary DNS server. Server B is running Webmin only (no Virtualmin), and is the primary/Master DNS server. Server A and Server B are geographically dispersed, as per DNS rules.

So my question is, is there a way to create a Virtual Domain on Server A, and have Virtualmin/Webmin/BIND automatically create the needed BIND records on Server B? Server A is listed as a Slave DNS server at Server B (which is only running Webmin, not Virtualmin), and both Servers know about each other (and have login credentials) for each other in the Webmin -> Webmin Servers Index section.


  • Acorp


Will this document here do what you described:

I think what Acorp rather is trying to do is have Virtualmin set up a domain, but instruct a remote Webmin to create the master zone file remotely. Is that correct? In that case, as fas as I know, nope that’s not possible. If you are to manage DNS zones with Virtualmin, it will create those zones locally. There is a way to pull in remote zones, with the Slave DNS plugin, but that will only create a slave zone and require the actual zone to be managed, independently and assumed pre-existing, on the remote server.

Question is though: WHY would you need this odd construct? :slight_smile: Suggestion would be to have Server A be the master for the zones Virtualmin manages, and have those zones be auto-created on Server B as the slave through Webmin’s BIND Slave Servers feature.

Master and Slave servers can be distinct from primary and secondary, and the master/slave roles can also be A->B for some and B->A for other zones. I.e. a server can be both master (for some) and slave (for other) zones.

well if you wanna split your servers using like 2 just for dns then create the records there is amazing feature …