Can´t get subserver to work


I´ve been reading all over the web and saw some answers, but i just don´t understand what am i missing. I bought a domain in some provider, and then created a virtual server in virtualmin for that domain, then i went to the DNS info and copy everything from here to my domain provider and at this moment i have access to the domain.

Now, what i need is a subddomain (or a subserver?!? ), so i created a subserver, filled everything like and leave everything as default, but when i try to acccess the subdomain(or subserver i dont know) i just can´t, it gives me some unreachable error or something(sorry, i try so many things i don´t remember).

  • Do i have to go to my provider and fill all the A, and MX for the subserver?

  • Do i have to create a virtualhost in the apache server(which doens´t make sense since it´s already there)

Any help here?

Thanks for your time, regards.

If you’re using BIND on your server and the nameservers are already registered with the registrar holding the hostname’s domain, then the only thing the individual sites’ domain’s registrars should need are the server’s nameserver names.

If that’s your configuration, then you also shouldn’t need to do anything at all DNS-wise when creating a subserver. It should simply work.

If that’s not your configuration, then we need to know what it is (who’s providing DNS, for example) to help you.


If you are not locally hosting DNS, then yes, of course. Every name you want to resolve to your server needs to have an A record (or a CNAME). MX record is only needed if you expect to receive mail on your subdomain.

And if you’re self hosting but running Cloudflare protection you have to do it too. It threw me the first time I ever tried adding a subdomain. Kicked myself hard when I figured out what I had missed.

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