Can someone help? Root Emails (when root account is inaccessible)

Hi all,

I noticed loads of emails in /root/Maildir/new which I found after reading /var/log/procmail.log

My prostfix aliases at the moment are (/etc/aliases):

postmaster: root

clamav: root

How do I read these emails when my root account is inaccessible?

I log in to my server using SSH keys and a sudo user, and have not set up a password for the root account.

(I must request digitalocean root password reset in order to get a root password) .

Thank you in advance.


You can set an alias that describes where to forward emails for the root user in that /etc/aliases file… just add a line that looks like this:


Save the file, then run this command:


After that, any email to the root user will be forwarded to the email address you listed.


God bless you Eric. Thanks.