Can somebody post screenshot of "Search Mail Logs" option for Virtualmin Pro so I can see what does it offer?

OS type and version AlmaLinux 8.6
Webmin version 1.996
Virtualmin version 7.1
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I am currently trying to find a solution like WHM/cPanel Mail Delivery Reports where I could troubleshoot blacklisted IP addresses, spam rated emails and other problems with email.

I only know log files in VM, else you need you install a third party. Check under VM Logs and reports.
Search the forums, someone else may have asked the question.

We are working on creating within next few days a page that will have details demonstrations of all Pro features.

This is how search mail logs page look like:

This page can be used to search the email logs for messages to some virtual server, or all servers if you are the master administrator. To search, you can select one or more of the following criteria, all of which must match :

Start date
Any email received on or after this date will be displayed. If left empty, email from the start of the server’s logs will be matched.
End date
Any email received on or before this date will be displayed. If left empty, email up the current date will be matched.
Source address
If filled in, email for which the sender address contains the domain name or address you enter will be displayed.
Destination address
Only email matching the virtual server selected from this menu will be displayed. In addition, if the username field is filled in only mail to that mailbox will be shown.

In the resulting list, the date, time, sender, receipient address, local mailbox user (if any) and final destination file or address will be shown. To see more details of a logged message, click on it received date or time.

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If I were to buy Virtualmin Pro, will I be able to see, for example, log like this:
Jul 13, 2022, 9:06:09 AM

JunkMail rejected - ( []:49268 is in an RBL:

or this one:
Jul 4, 2022, 7:41:07 AM

This is a log file from cPanel/WHM Mail Delivery Reports. Occasionally my clients complain about sending email to somebody or somebody sends email to them and they do not receive it.
Then I log into WHM and search by email and see what is the issue. If is blocked by spam filter I simply exclude that domain from future spam filtering. It is very useful option to have.

I just want to know if I buy Virtualmin Pro will I have this option?

Can you do some search and show me how it shows logs.

Thank you!


Yeah, check this out:

What it destination server rejects incoming email, will it show up in details of single logged message view, and will it say why? For example like “JunkMail rejected - ( []:49268 is in an RBL:

Thank you!


Can’t that be done already with current Only Show lines with text option in the log?

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